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customer loyalty

Keep Customers Coming Back for More – 3 Tips to Boost Customer Long-Term Loyalty

What makes customers consistently select one brand, despite a sea of comparable options?  It’s all about generating customer loyalty. Attracting new customers is just the beginning. Retaining them over time requires even more strategizing. And it’s not just the price that matters. Act fast to start building brand loyalty In a recent study, 43% of […]

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Inefficiencies of Direct Mail

Insights into Inefficiencies of Direct Mail: How to Overcome Them

The social impact of the pandemic triggered a renewed appreciation of postal mail among B2B and B2C customers. After months of isolation and digital overload, this channel delivered a tangible piece of a brand, while offering scalable results that marketers continue to rely on. Today’s consumers look forward to checking the mailbox. Four in 10 […]

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retail direct mail

Standout Direct Mail Design Tips: Make Every Inch Count.

It’s getting more difficult to stand out in the crowd when it comes to email marketing. By 2025, it’s estimated that over 325 billion emails will be sent every day. In our digital-dominant world, marketers need to go beyond the in-box and think more creatively about the ideal mix of media to drive results. We’ve […]

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data segmentation

Advanced Data Segmentation: More Meaningful Marketing, Real Results.

How well do you really know your audience? What motivates them to buy? How likely are they to make a purchase? And how can you keep them coming back? Customer data can provide the answers — but it’s what you do with that data that makes all the difference. With advanced data segmentation and by […]

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conversion marketing

Conversion Marketing: 5 Tactics to Grow Your Revenue.

Conversion marketing — it’s not just about getting prospects to your website; it’s about getting them to act once they’re there. If you’re not turning browsers into buyers, are your efforts really working? Your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a desired goal. And that’s not always about making a purchase. […]

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Data forms and computer - how to use intent data

How to Use Intent Data for Marketing Success.

Turning Customer Signals into Sales Action The most effective marketing is thoughtfully targeted and personalized. From demographics to engagement to purchase history, intent data is a powerful tool, helping marketers deliver the information their audience needs, when they need it. But if you’re looking to increase retention rates and close more deals, there’s another type […]

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