Make a First Impression That Lasts with Direct Mail Marketing

During the awareness phase of the buying process, prospects become aware of a problem they have. This can be a passive act — like seeing a product featured by an influencer. Or they may be actively researching solutions. But a conversion is unlikely if your brand isn’t top of mind. Eighty-one percent of consumers say they need to trust a brand to consider buying.  And direct mail marketing is an effective way to make a first impression that starts building that trust.

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A lasting hello with a mix of marketing channels

A first touchpoint during the awareness stage can occur through various marketing channels, such as social media or search engine optimization.

You want to reach prospects with marketing messaging and content that communicates who you are and how your products or services can benefit them, including:

  • Social how-to videos
  • Trend forecasts
  • Product reviews
  • Comparison checklists

Consider strategies like these during the awareness phase of your buyer’s journey:

Incorporate programmatic direct mail marketing.

Reach prospects with personalized postcards to introduce them to your business leveraging the power of direct mail marketing services. For example, a furniture retailer targeting new movers could benefit from a solution like LS Direct’s Movers direct mail marketing. This highly targeted direct marketing program can identify 350,000 – 500,000 new movers weekly, helping you reach them just as they’re settling in.

Share educational content.

Blog posts or videos can showcase the quality, versatility or uniqueness of your product line. This is an opportunity to position your brand as a helpful resource, build trust and establish credibility.

Implement trigger programs to capture buyer information.

Providing a free downloadable eBook or guide in exchange for an email address can build and nurture relationships. When a prospective customer completes a specific action on your website, a direct mail remarketing postcard can be sent in response to keep the engagement going.

Utilize intent-based programmatic direct mail.

LS Direct’s Boomerang direct® solution uses predictive analytics and a proprietary blended database to help you engage shoppers most likely to convert. By understanding your target audience’s demographics, interests and behaviors, you can create communications that speak directly to them using on-brand headlines, customized messaging and compelling visuals to pique their interest.

Reaching buyers at the awareness stage lays the foundation for building brand recognition, trust and long-term loyalty. But you’re just getting started. For more tips on mapping out a successful buyer journey, download our Buyer Journey Playbook: Staying Connected at Every Stage with Direct Mail Marketing Solutions >