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Digitally Driven Direct Mail with Proven Incremental ROI.

LS Direct stays connected at every stage of your buyer’s journey. Our dynamic marketing technology gives you the ability and speed to send highly personalized, intent-driven programmatic direct mail to convert prospects and website visitors, retain customers and reactivate lapsed buyers.

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Our intent-based postal retargeting solution will help you achieve the next level of success.

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Some of the biggest brands and high-performing businesses rely on LS Direct. Shouldn’t you?

LS has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals over the past several years… We are able to get the right message to the right customer and it really is working for us. Using SmartDash™, we can easily see where our marketing dollars are being spent and how effective our efforts are in each market…

Brandy Bell
Marketing Director
Ashley Homestores Southeast

Better Data, Higher ROI.

Average Incremental ROI of Boomerang direct® clients in the home furnishings industry
Lift in Average Prospect Conversion Rate of Boomerang direct® clients in the home furnishings industry
Lift in Average Customer Conversion Rate of Boomerang direct® clients in the home furnishings industry
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It’s a winning combination: powerful technology and hands-on service. Serving Home Furnishings, Home Decor & Improvement, Apparel & Accessories, Food & Gift, Travel and Non-Profit. Our approach provides a streamlined experience for all your multichannel needs.

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  • Prospecting & New Customer Acquisition.

    Your business depends on continually attracting new customers. Finding them and reaching them for you is our business.

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    80% + 95%
    80% of new movers and 95% of pre-movers nationally are available weekly
  • Customer Retention & Reactivation.

    With targeted outreach, we’ll keep your current customers engaged or renew awareness by providing timely, relevant marketing.

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    3,406% Average Incremental ROI for clients in home furnishings industry (2019 programs)
  • Intent-Based Postal Retargeting.

    Bridge the gap between your customers’ digital shopping habits and their in-home decision making with postal mailings that speaks directly to them.

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    295% average lift in conversion rate (Boomerang direct® apparel & accessory industry clients in 2019)
  • SmartDash™ Dynamic Business Intelligence.

    SmartDash™ is our proprietary technology that provides clear analytics that can help you learn from and adapt your outreach strategies.

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Real people, real results.

We may be a marketing technology and data company, but it’s our people that truly drive our clients’ success. In addition to our dedicated team of creatives and data specialists, we provide a single point of contact to provide the highest level of service. With LS Direct, you’ll reach a real person, not a recording.


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LS Direct December 9, 2020