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Stats That Show Why Direct Mail ROI Still Dominates Remarketing

New research shows that 74% of marketers agree that direct mail delivers the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Here’s why direct mail is such a potent marketing and remarketing tool. The undeniable power of direct mail Direct mail offers a tangible and physical presence that engages recipients in a unique way. Time and again, […]

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direct mail retargeting

Direct Mail Retargeting: Turning Tire Kickers Into Loyal Buyers

We live in a digital world. As such, brands invest their marketing spend in online strategies, such as search engine optimization, influencer collaboration and programmatic ads, to engage potential customers. But what happens when they leave your site without making a purchase? This is where direct mail retargeting comes in, delivering a tangible piece of […]

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data-driven personalization

The Art & Science of Data-Driven Personalization

In our “what’s in it for me” world, directly addressing a customer or prospect’s needs, desires or pain points makes it more likely that they’ll entertain your offer. But let’s take it a step further. Instead of speaking to a need, imagine being able to tap into the ongoing conversation in the customer’s mind and […]

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Furniture World Magazine Interview, featuring Jeff Horowitz.

Our CEO, Jeff Horowitz, sat down with Furniture World Magazine this month to discuss the ever-growing importance of direct mail attribution in determining the true ROI of your direct mail strategy and campaigns. “Using data from a customer’s past interactions with a retailer is a much more powerful data set to work with than purchasing demographic, psychographic and […]

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LS Direct Celebrates the Furniture Industry.

LS Direct is proud to be a participating sponsor in both the 2021 City of Hope award dinner and the American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame events, taking place in coordination with the High Point Market this October in North Carolina. The International Home Furnishings Industry Spirit of Life® City of Hope Award Dinner will […]

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LS Direct Supports Local Families this Holiday Season.

This December, LS Direct was proud to participate in the Vincent Crotty Memorial Foundation Holiday Family Sponsorship. This program aims to help families in the Suffern, NY area who are facing tough times due to deaths in the family, illnesses, job losses, devastating fires, divorces, Covid-19 issues, and more. In 2020, the generosity of the sponsors allowed the program to assist more families than ever.

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LS Direct December 9, 2020