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direct mail marketing

Using Direct Mail Marketing Programs to Convert Prospects

Buyers have different needs and expectations at each stage of the customer journey. But in the final decision phase, personalization can be especially effective. Sixty percent of consumers report that they will become repeat buyers after a personalized purchasing experience. So how can you connect with them in a way that feels personal and unique?  […]

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online shopping

Get More Conversions with an Omnichannel Customer Journey and Programmatic Direct Mail

Success in today’s crowded buyer marketplace correlates with how well you know your audience, and how you engage them from the very first interaction.  Seventy-seven percent of brands believe their buyer experience is a key competitive differentiator. To engage prospects and lead them to the sale, it’s all about mapping out a buyer journey with a […]

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local city event

Leveraging Direct Mail Retargeting for Visitor Event Marketing and New Movers

By Mike Robinson LS Direct Like most avid travelers, I’m always on the lookout for information about new destinations and events — not only for future trips, but in my local area as well. I’m also lucky that my profession (travel industry marketing specialist) intersects with my personal interests. So, I’m always thinking about innovative […]

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Make a First Impression That Lasts with Direct Mail Marketing

During the awareness phase of the buying process, prospects become aware of a problem they have. This can be a passive act — like seeing a product featured by an influencer. Or they may be actively researching solutions. But a conversion is unlikely if your brand isn’t top of mind. Eighty-one percent of consumers say […]

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Luxury travel 2024

How Adventure and Luxury Companies Should Tailor Their Communications in 2024

As we have entered into a “post-pandemic” world, the travel industry is experiencing a significant resurgence. With eased travel restrictions, adventure and luxury travel brands are poised to capitalize on pent-up demand for exploration and relaxation. Here’s how these companies can adapt their communication strategies for 2024: Embrace the Travel Renaissance: With the world opening […]

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What’s the Best Timing for Direct Mail Retargeting?

The importance of direct mail retargeting in your marketing strategy is clear.  But how do you know when to send direct mail? >> Related: 4 Tips for Smarter Retargeting with Direct Mail << Timing is everything The end game of every direct mail marketing campaign is conversions. So, an important part of the marketing mix […]

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