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Proven Programmatic Intelligence Leads to Triple-Digit Incremental Growth.

Launching as a California home-based business in 2004, Gorjana has quickly grown into a national jewelry retailer with 50+ locations and an international eCommerce following.

  • This ability to conduct hold-out testing and prove out a campaigns’ incrementality is what truly sets LS Direct apart. 

    “It’s a north star metric for any marketing team, and they make it easy.”


The company was an early adopter of programmatic direct mail postcards to retarget website visitors. According to Gorjana CMO Elton Graham, the effort achieved some success, but he wanted a solution to improve Gorjana’s targeting capabilities so the company could mail more efficiently and maximize conversions.

Graham explains, “We were looking for a strong partner who could use advanced platforms and targeting capabilities to more tightly control our mailings. In the past, the vendors we worked with weren’t too sophisticated. It was like, ‘We know who’s going to your website, so let’s send them a postcard.’”

LS Direct can deliver beyond general knowledge and provide data for campaigns that match the success we see at face value. This insight elevates clients; marketing efforts, guaranteeing unparalleled results.

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Gorjana was introduced to LS Direct through a mutual partner and Graham was impressed with its sophisticated programmatic mail capabilities. He explains, “The Boomerang direct® algorithm really scores on the propensity level — who’s most likely to react to a postcard. We’re not just mailing everyone. LS Direct uses engagement and many other attributes to really sharpen their targeting.”

“They’ve done a spectacular job in that regard, building intelligence from day one to find and execute on intentional and deliberate opportunities,” Graham continues. “That way, we’re sure that we’re sending a postcard to a high-level prospect or re-engaging a high-intent customer.”

A significant point of differentiation for LS Direct is the incremental ROAS data that Boomerang direct provides.

“A lot of vendors will tell you the ROI is X,” says Graham, “but LS Direct provides accurate incrementality from day one, so we had confidence that it was really working. Every time we tested expanding the audience or targeting a new type of audience, they had an incrementality in place so we could prove that it helped before scaling it up.”

…our postcard campaigns have achieved over triple-digit incremental growth…

Elton Graham, CMO

This ability to conduct hold-out testing and prove out a campaigns’ incrementality is what truly sets LS Direct apart. “It’s a north star metric for any marketing team, and they make it easy.”

After working with LS Direct for well over a year on programmatic direct mail retargeting, Gorjana has expanded the relationship to include the use of event-driven postcards for store openings or store visits.

Says Graham, “By partnering with LS Direct and sharpening our targeting capabilities, our postcard campaigns have achieved more than triple-digit incremental growth on both response rate and lift. From a return on investment perspective, direct mail continues to be one of our strongest channels and gives us an ability to get directly inside prospects’ homes.”

“I’ve used other providers and LS Direct is by far the best. Their partnership and their technology separates them from the rest — they’re a great partner all around. I’m thrilled with where we’re at.”

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LS Direct October 16, 2023