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Capturing Conversions of Browse Abandons.

A leading direct-to-consumer sleep company experienced significant increase in their web traffic during 2020. They became concerned when they realized a large percentage of these browsers never converted. Their email retargeting brought positive results, but they knew it could be better. That’s where LS Direct and Boomerang direct® came in.

At A Glance

6 mo.
In just six months, this direct-to-consumer sleep company saw a huge increase in the conversion rate of browse abandons.
U.S. e-commerce sales grew more than 30% between Q1 and Q2 of 2020 (U.S. Dept. of Commerce), illustrating the pandemic has pushed more spending online.
The company has over 1 million current customers and counting, with the smart mattress sector growing by ~9% each year.
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An Integrated Approach

After meeting LS Direct at an industry conference, discussions began on how direct mail could help accelerate their current customer acquisition program and lower their average new customer acquisition cost by capturing additional browse abandons. It was decided that Boomerang direct®, the premier postal retargeting solution®, would be the perfect answer to realizing incremental conversions.

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The Results

The program was immediately declared a success. In just six months, this sleep company increased the conversion rate of their browse abandons by 130% and doubled the conversion rate of their prospects.

increase on browse abandon conversion rate
incremental prospect conversion rate
incremental ROAS

Postal retargeting was uniquely suited to market to the target groups… With Boomerang direct® we examined their daily web visitors who didn’t buy and found those meeting their specific criteria. We scored them and sent a personalized postcard only to those most likely to convert.

Jeff Horowitz
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LS Direct December 9, 2020