postal retargeting and donor contributions

Postal Retargeting: How Going Offline Can Increase Donor Contributions

In today’s digital age, online marketing strategies dominate the landscape. But don’t underestimate the incremental power of postal retargeting.

Postal retargeting — also referred to as programmatic direct mail — is a proven solution that allows nonprofits to reconnect with an audience that already has an active interest in your cause. The direct mail channel can be an extremely successful addition to your overall marketing strategy, driving incremental donations as well as increases in donor engagement and contributions.

Making cross-channel connections
One of the most significant advantages of postal retargeting is the ability to re-engage website visitors with a physical mail piece such as a postcard within a few days of their visit to your website.

Why is direct mail so powerful for non-profit fundraising?

It’s tangible. Postal retargeting offers a more personal and tangible approach to communication. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, receiving physical mail stands out as something special. While online ads can be easily ignored or quickly forgotten, physical mailings tend to stick around longer.

Recipients may keep the mailings on their desks or pin them on bulletin boards, serving as a constant reminder of your non-profit’s mission and impact. This extended exposure can lead to a deeper connection with your organization and increase the likelihood of future support.

It’s personalized. Non-profit organizations can jump on the postal retargeting bandwagon by sending personalized communication to donors or potential supporters. Whether potential donors are active, lapsed or prospective, the postcard can be personalized to speak to each of these groups differently, depending on your fundraising objectives.

According to NerdWallet, adding personalization as simple as a name can increase response rates by 135%. This personal touch not only creates a stronger connection but also demonstrates the non-profit’s dedication and gratitude towards its supporters.

It’ll never get lost in an email inbox. Direct mail has an open rate of 90%, compared to the 23% open rate of email marketing.

With countless emails flooding inboxes and banner ads appearing on every webpage, it can be challenging to capture the attention of your target audience. But a well-crafted direct mail postcard has a higher chance of being noticed and remembered, giving your non-profit a competitive edge in engaging potential donors and supporters.

The visibility you need to secure donor dollars
More non-profit fundraisers are finding postal retargeting strategies to be effective. According to a recent report, U.S. spending on programmatic direct mail campaigns driven by web-based triggers or behaviors was estimated at $750 million in 2022 and forecast to grow 19% through 2026.

While digital marketing strategies have their place in the non-profit industry, postal retargeting packs a powerful punch in re-engaging an interested audience, creating a personal connection, delivering incremental donations and providing measurable results.

Organizations across several non-profit categories — from animal welfare and international relief to veteran services — have found value in LS Direct’s Boomerang direct® postal retargeting solution.

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